Offset Printing

Offset Printing

Offset printing technology utilizes aluminum plates to transfer an image onto a blanket that is made with rubber. This image is then rolled onto a sheet of paper. Another name for offset printing is offset lithography. This is called offset printing because the ink isn’t directly transferred on the paper. The presses that are used for offset printing are very efficient when set up. They are a great choice when producing larger quantities and provide a crisp, clean look. You will always receive an accurate color reproduction in your print. This form of printing produces the highest degree of control of color, quality on the widest variety of stock.

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What exactly is the difference between digital printing and offset printing? Traditional offset printing is done on a printing press and uses wet ink on printing plates. This requires a bit more setup time and the process takes a little longer to produce. This is because the final product has to dry before finishing can take place. This form of printing is the most economical choice and allows you to produce a large number of prints with a few originals. Digital printing on the other hand used to be referred to as ‘copying’. Digital printing is the fastest option to create short runs. It does produce a very similar outcome to offset printing but only works on some forms of stocks today. Yes, digital printing works well on most stocks these days, but some jobs work better with offset printing.

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This is the process for offset printing: the design is first burned onto metal plates and this is done for each color (yellow, black, cyan, and magenta). Although these are the base colors, offset printing allows for customized ink colors. The design is then transferred from the plates onto rubber rolls and a paper will roll between them. When the paper gets through all of the rolls then the color will be layered on to get to the final image.

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There are many benefits of offset printing that make it a great option for your job. You will receive superior image quality that is very reliable. There won’t be any streaks or spots on the images printed. This type of print also works well on any kind of material. When it comes to large volume jobs, you will get more for your money. There is also better color fidelity which refers to the colors and their accuracy of them and their balance in the design. Offset printing provides a lower cost per unit for larger print runs. This process is lastly very fast and efficient while delivering high-quality work.

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These are some slight drawbacks of offset printing such as the cost being higher for the low-volume jobs. There is also a longer timetable since plates have to be created. There is lastly a worse fallout in case an error occurs.


There is absolutely personal preference when it comes to the type of print that people prefer, but at the end of the day you will have to make the smartest choice that works best for you. Some factors that affect what choice you will go with are price, quality, color, paper, and speed. Offset printing has been around for more than a century and is commonly used to print magazines, newspapers, advertisements, and booklets. Offset printing is the perfect option for you if you are in search of high-quality fast work that will catch the eyes of anyone who comes across it.


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