Great Big Banners Make a Great Big Impact

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There’s no better way to grab attention than a well-designed banner. In fact, statistics show that up to 45% of customers stop on impulse driven by indoor/outdoor banners! Add some pop and pizazz to your marketing with a smartly designed banner. Bright and contrasting colors, high-definition graphics, and aesthetically pleasing fonts can go a long way. 

Top Rated Banners For You & Your Business

We know what works when it comes to design—so when you’ve got a vision for what you want to communicate, we love to make that come to life! We can design you an amazing banner in multiple formats, and we also handle high quality printing of your products. Choose from our wide selection of different styles, edges, and ways your banner can be hung to find your perfect fit!

The Best Banner Printing

Our banners are great ways to show your pride and professionality right outside the front of your store. You can use them to advertise promos, inform customers of store hours or updates, or even just wish them a cheery welcome! 


But banners are also perfect for advertising your business at events! They’re a way to catch people’s focus and get them intrigued on what you have to offer. Places with high levels of traffic or special occasions like trade shows are great places to show off your banner. 


Or if you’re just looking to add some character and personality to your store, they’re the perfect decoration—sleek, professional, and 100% YOU!


Dependable Banners Available Locally

Here are just a few key reasons why buying a banner with us will give you HUGE returns: 

  • top-quality materials that are heavy duty and will stand the test of time
  • customize a personalized banner design for your EXACT purposes
  • ONE TIME PURCHASE that you can use over and over again
  • durable and suited for outdoor use
  • ability to pick the size that’s right for your needs
  • versatility, meaning you can place or mount these banners almost anywhere
  • very easy to transport as you see fit

A banner is a place for your most important information—so boil down your marketing message to a short, snappy line. Keeping your banner text concise makes it easy for people to read from a far distance! 

Part of this info should always be a Call To Action—something you prompt the viewer to do so they will interact with your brand in the way you desire. 


What Banners Can Do For You

There is so much you want to tell prospective clients about your brand and values. But before you can do any of that, you need their attention. Humans are visual creatures, and visual media can often speak to your audience more than a thousand words!


Featuring your logo, big and bright, on a banner helps you to spread brand awareness. People will become more familiar with your business, which is the first step to building trust. 


Research shows that graphically appealing banners can increase instant brand recall by 300%. 


Plus, banners are a crucial way of setting yourself apart from the competition—there might be several businesses similar to yours in your area, but if people see your banner, your brand is the one they’ll remember. 


Premium Banner Printing

We’re proud to offer a system where you can customize the perfect banner for your business needs and receive your product quickly. That way, you start reaping value right away. 

You can be assured that your banners are being crafted by good hands—because we only use the best machinery, operated by an expert staff who love to bring your vision to life and help you reach your business goals. 


What Our Customers Are Saying

Top notch service and outstanding production quality. Highly recommended. Lastly, Dave and Tna are genuinely great people
Henry Daniel
Dave and his staff do a magnificent job with their clients. For a new business, Dave can contribute significantly to your marketing plan. Also, he can suggest key community contacts to get established. We have used his services for more than 10 years
Lloyd Curtis
Highly recommend Polaris Press. Very helpful in so many ways. Also, gives you the perfect advice for what you need and are trying to accomplish. I had a seminar last minute and they were able to get my print job done in 1 day! It also was a superior print job. I couldn't believe how nice the quality of the printing was!
Thomas Tweneboa
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