About Us

Polaris, better known as the North Star, has guided sailors, hikers and adventurists alike for generations.  They followed the North Star because it doesn’t move from its position in the sky throughout the year*.  They knew it would be there.  Our customers look to us for that same guidance.  You trust that we will always be there to guide you to the products and services that suit your needs.  We won’t just blindly provide what you have asked for.  In so many instances, printers simply print what is requested and don’t bother to get to know their customers needs to be sure the requested product fulfills their needs.



Our Mission:

Our mission is to provide you with the comfort and trust to earn your repeat business.  We will do this by becoming familiar with your needs and helping to identify the appropriate products and services to fulfill those needs.


Our Philosophy

Customer Satisfaction is paramount to a successful operation.  A satisfied customer is a loyal customer and without loyal customers, there will be no repeat business or referrals.  Although advertising is powerful and a key to our success, satisfaction leads to word-of-mouth which is priceless to any business, especially ours.  Once each customer makes first contact with us, it is the service they receive from that point on that will be remembered.


Our History

Formed in the Summer of 2005, Polaris opened its doors later that Fall on Halloween Day. Beginning with a store front location, Polaris solidified its position within the community as a provider of quality products and services.  In 2008, Ken’s Speedprint merged with Polaris Press after serving the community for almost 40 years.  In 2012 we welcomed Bishop Printing to our organization and again found ourselves expanding our service to provide complete commercial printing solutions to the greater Metropolitan DC area.  Later in 2012 we added Promotional Products to our offering of services. In the years since we have added multiple product lines, including promotional products, now a staple of our branding line.

Today we find ourselves offering a wide range of products and services to our customers.  We’re happy to help with any print job, no matter how big or small, but our goal is to cultivate customer relationships for life. We want to earn not only your business, but your partnership. Give us a call today to discuss how we can help you grow your business.


*Yes, we are aware that Polaris (the North Star) does indeed move, but it will be thousands of years before it matters.  We’re OK with that.